Wednesday, August 19, 2009

ITCN Asia 2009 Showcase: Pakistan Telecommunication Company Ltd (PTCL)

Syed Najam Ali, Senior Manager Corporate Sales SME’s & Channels at the PTCL stall was interviewed by this blogger at the ITCN Asia 2009.He described his company as the latest global version based organizations having its wide ranging presence all over the company than any other telecom company. He said at the PTCL though some extent of old aged Pakistani bureaucratic style persists but at large things have changed amazingly. That is why now we can see a global styled corporate culture with marvelous success over its competitors.
Syed Najam Ali said that quality of service, focus on customers requirements and its prompt solution providing are qualities we have at the PTCL. He described that PTCL is specially focusing on the SMEs to provide them with the latest technology based skills and services to develop this important sector of society.
Expressing some hopeless over the visitors of this year’s ITCN Asia 209 he said instead of having serious corporate/business clients we noticed some Fun-going Persons visiting this year, which is alarming indication on which organizers must be careful.

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